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Women may often be described as goddess-like, but perfect we are not. When my daughters were born I was ill-prepared and scared, and I momentarily felt like I lost a sense of myself.

Don’t get me wrong – my little miracles were precious to me from the first hint that I was pregnant, but it was a major life change. Sharing these mixed emotions seemed to perplex people, as though I should have been ever-joyous, selfless and nurturing, even despite sleep deprivation and my body being transformed beyond recognition.

I was a working mother who also attended school but I wanted to ensure the girls were my first priority. I made sure I was home most days after they were dismissed from school. We spent our afternoons doing homework, laughing and talking as they eagerly told stories of their day. Each night, I was thankful that I was able to…

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5 thoughts on “Who Says I’m a Bad Mother?

  1. This made my chest tighten a bit, having two daughters of my own and the desire to protect and shield them, but also allow them to be independent and strong. So how does a mother do all that? You ask good questions and provide food for thought through your examples and also through the testament of the amazing young women you’ve raised: be there, do your best, live your life, and be there. What stronger example of a mother can there be?

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    1. Wow. Thanks for your loving words! Yes, like you said, it is a balance, a fine balance. But there are so many blessings and moments of grace in between that you survive the challenging stuff.

      And really, parenting is so much about finding teaching moments and sharing your wisdom, which is why you’re so naturally wonderful at it. What they do with that when they get older and think they know it all, is on them. 🙂

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