Tyrion, a fearless man who perpetually battles many odds, offers telling words to live by as he refers to a frightful yet elusive force – they.

Tyrion: “Podrick.”

Podrick: “Yes, my Lord.”

Tyrion: “They’ll be following you now.”  

Podrick: “Who will?”

Tyrion: “I don’t know. They, they, the ominous they.” 

Game of Thrones


Tyrion alludes to the reality that they are an ill-defined bunch. Yet our achievements and fears are so often driven by relentless worry about what they might think or say.  But ultimately, outside of the people who are most precious to us, the others have little impact on our life decisions. They may have opinions but they have no real impact.

How many times have we allowed some warped image of they to grow into an all-powerful force in our imagination and stunt us from birthing a new idea or relationship? We ask ourselves, What will people think? Well, they’re going to think whatever they want to think. They’ll probably think a lot of things, in fact.

But the more important question is, Will that change how you live? What will you do: Will you do what they want or what you’ve been dreaming of? They, while ominous and oppressive will continue to wallow and flail in their misery and customs. But you and I… we will move forward and be curious, creative and beautiful in spite of it.

2 thoughts on “The Ominous They

  1. I remember when ‘they’ used to follow me everywhere too, even in my sleep I would dream about what ‘they’ would think or say about me. And so I thought if I became more of this or that, ‘they’ would sure like me more. I designed and wore a perfect mask so that ‘they’ could only see what wasn’t going to embarrass them and make them loathe me. But when living that parallel life near killed the me in me, I fled from ‘them’, not caring then what ‘they’ would think or say anymore. Years later, I am now fully and wholly me with no mask and so love myself to the healthy extent that I really care less what ‘they’ will think, say or do. Great post Patty

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    1. Yes, they are like noxious ghosts invading our thoughts, but noxious only if we acknowledge them.

      So wonderful to hear of your transformation and the healing it produced! Thanks for sharing this, Marie!

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