What if there were people on other planets,

and they were watching the state of our world right now.

What would they say?

6 thoughts on “We’re All Aliens

  1. They would recognize all worlds have issues that require time, patience, diligence and commitment to achieve better outcomes.

    In my opinion we are simply experiencing a new cyclical pattern that repeats itself over time. In the 1960’s there was bigotry, racism, protest, etc…

    We are a planet that has a proclivity to sedate issues and problems rather than resolve them. We aim LOW to “get over humps” rather than confront the difficult issues seeking honest resolutions. Governments use political design to maintain order, yet rarely seek answers to societies structural weaknesses.
    We are a human race full of flaws and weaknesses and willing to perpetuate injustices because it’s more desirable than accepting CHANGE.

    Until we begin looking out for others and understanding their needs before we turn to satisfying our own needs, this flawed system is likely to perpetuate itself. If we are ALL looking out to support each other, that means someone is looking out to support each one of us as well. This is a difficult concept for people to believe and continues to fail to gain acceptance. Hence, the perpetuation of our cyclical recurring problems over time.

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