In the past two months

Our streets took five

How did I manage

Not to die

Most of all can’t get images

Of how he bled

Outta my dreams

Outta my head

Feeling high


Why am I alive

Just let me be

Why was it

That I was spared

Who’s watching me

Who even cares

How come I

Have to live here

In legalized

Guerilla warfare

Why do innocents

Get shot down

Even if

They’re standing down

I can’t sleep

My appetite’s gone

I can’t remember

One consoling song

I can’t focus

It’s all a joke

I can’t breathe

I’m being choked

Panic swarms me

Lies abound


Are terrible sounds

I can’t leave

My house no more

I don’t care

What’s behind this door

Lord protect me

Where can I go

I think I just wanna

Come on home

That’s crazy talk

I don’t know anymore

Hope is dwindling

I can’t keep score

On who shot who

And affiliation and all

I just know

My baby’s gone

Nothing’s good

And nothing’s right

Give me strength

For another long night

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